Media Diet

A typical day in my life varies. As a media consumer I am constantly plugged into the internet in several different ways. In the morning on a weekend, around 10am, I wake up to a slew of text messages and notifications from my friends. The first thing I do is check my text messages and I quickly reply in order of most important, to the least important. Next, I check my facebook. I usually spend all morning talking to everyone on there and updating my status. After everything dies down on the internet, around 11:30am, I take a shower, do my hair, and get dressed. After i am all dressed around 1 or 1:30pm, I check my facebook and text messages again. I then update my status, explaining how I am feeling, or what I am doing at the moment. When I get ready to leave my house around 3pm, I plug in my iPod and start listening to music. Music gives me something to do while I am on the go. By 4pm, I am still on facebook chatting with friends. I eat and text and while on facebook. Around 5pm or 6pm, after I eat, I am usually listening to Pandora on my phone or playing Tap Tap Revenge. Later on around 7pm I am hanging with friends, whether it’s going to a party or the movies, so I am not on facebook, although I do text. When I get home around 1am or 2am , I fix me something to eat and watch a movie or two, while texting, talking on the phone , or on facebook. At about 4am, I update my status on facebook again and I call it a night, waiting to repeat my routine again the next day


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