I Am An Expert At Doing Weave

Hair is the most important feature a person could have. When your hair is not done, you don’t feel right and you don’t look right. Everyone wants to look good and feel their best and the first place to start is the hair, because that is the first thing people look at when they see you. Having your hair done also, boosts confidence levels and shows that you have good hygiene and are well put together. My audience is going to learn how to put weave into their own hair. This is my expertise, because I have been doing this all my life.

Many people wear weave, it’s something that people have been doing for years. It’s mostly women, but men wear false hair pieces too. I am teaching my audience how to bond weaves. First, there are several different kinds of weaves you can get. There are sew-ins, in which your real hair is braided and the weave is sewed in and attached to the braid. There are fusions, in which the real hair and the weave are fused together with a hot tool to keep the hair from falling out. There are clip- in extensions which just require you to part your real hair every 4 inches and clip the weave just below the scalp. Weave hair comes in several different types as well. There are the cheap human and synthetic blend, called Remy, Indian Remy, Yaki, or premium. There are the expensive one hundred percent human hair weaves, such as Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Russian, or Indian. These hair types cost anywhere from 100-800 dollars.

When putting your weave in, the first step is to wash your hair. Wash your hair in luke warm water, rinsing and repeating three times. The next step is to condition your hair to keep it moisturized and healthy. When all that is done, dry your hair I either roller sets over night or with a blow dryer attached to a diffuser. A diffuser is a piece that you can attach to the blow dryer to dry your hair quicker and it’s less damaging. When your hair is dry, you have to moisturize again to protect it from breaking off while wearing your weave. After that, get your weave ready. You will need scissors, hair glue, a paper towel, a comb and a flat iron. The first step is to comb all of your hair out, ridding it of any knots or tangles. The second step is to take your hair and measure the back of your head with it. Once you’ve measured the back of your head you can then cut the weave to fit your head. Once you’ve cut the weave you take the weft and put the hair glue on it. Wait about 2 minutes for the glue to get tacky and then place the weft just below the scalp and hold for one minute.

Continue this process, creating a circle at the top of your head. When you get to this step, you take the comb and pull your real hair out, creating a part in the center, making everything look more realistic. After everything is done you can now cut or style the hair anyway you want to. If the hair is straight you can flat iron it so that it can maintain its nice, sleek, straight look. If you are going to bed, wrap the hair in a satin scarf so that the hair won’t dry out or become matted and tangled.

In close, I am an expert at putting weave in my hair. I’ve been doing this almost every week since the age of eleven. I love to do hair, it’s my favorite past time. To my audience, i shared this with you so that maybe you can try to install your own weave. I hope that i can save you money and give you a new hairstyle to try out.




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