What I Wish I Knew When I Was A Teenager

Source : greatthingaboutfriends

1. Allow yourself to make mistakes. That is only way we learn.
2. Find something that you like and work hard to be good at it.
3. Stop pleasing everyone because in a couple of years you might not be friend with him or her.
4. Be adventurous, do something crazy. You are only young for a short time.
5. People can’t read you mind. Tell them what you think.
6. Ask alots of question.
7. Have more fun.
8. Become someone you are going to be proud of.
9. Don’t limit who you date. Have fun and explore your options.
10. Don’t rush the little moments in life.
11. Forget haters.
12. Talk to your family and get to know them.
13. Just breath.

Happy Friday

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